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We got I485 receipt number on July 11th. My class registration was till July 18th. I decided to take only 1 online as I researched and found out that I would be in status even though I don’t take full classes to maintain F1, and someone even told me now I wont be in F1 status but in AOS pending status

Recently, SEVIS raided **** (university of northern Virginia), and they took all the information about students and asked students to call them ASAP. Today I called them, and informed the customer service represented that I am in AOS pending status and I am taking one online class. He replied that I have to maintain f1 status and take full courses even though my AOS is pending. However so many websites and people I know told me I would be fine if I have receipt number. I also received appointment for finger printing TODAY. I do understand my F1 would be terminated, if my I485 would not be approved.

My question is will I still be in status and can legally stay in USA, even though I took only one class and will that affect my i485 processing?

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