PhD in Pharmacy from India, Post Doc on J1 in USA

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Dear friend

I read many topics on pharmacy but they are usually on working as pharmacist.

One of my friend have done his PhD in Pharmacy from India and got an offer to work as "Research Scholar" (Post doc) on J1 VISA in USA.

My queries are:

1. Do my friend fall in 2 year residency program of J1?

2. What will be the best time for him to go for J1 2 year residency waiver?

3. What steps and procedure he should follow for J1 waiver?

4. If he married any USA citizen then what will be the status or what he should do to get green card?

5. Will it be easy for him to get H1B or Green card to work in USA?

6. If he got married to an Indian girl and she joins him on J2 visa in USA. If she conceive and give birth to child in USA then the child will have citizenship of USA or India?

I will be thankful to you if someone will really guide on these questions. You are an expert, and any help and guidance will be appreciated.


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