H4 Status?


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Can any one suggest me.. Please answer if you really know..

Im on H4 and my wife extension petetion is approved.

I came to US recently and my h4 expiring on 8th sep.

Her employer has sent my extension to USCIS.

Can you suggest me what wud be my status after 8th od sep. if I do not recieve any notice from USCIS?

Also can I stay here till my wife's petition is approved until i get my extension approved?

It usually takes 3-4 months, that's what I have heard...

Kindly help..

Please help

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Generally, a dependent spouse’s H4 status is tied to the H1B status of the principal spouse. Therefore, as long as the principal is in valid H1B status the dependant is eligible for H4 status. In a situation where the principal is in valid status and the dependant is in the U.S. and has filed a timely and non-frivolous application to extend his/her H4 status, that dependent will be considered in a period of authorized stay. For a more detail discussion regarding your specific circumstance, please contact a qualified U.S. immigration attorney.

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