Perm. Resident filing application for Spouse on F-1 visa

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I am a Green Card holder I recently got married to a F-1 visa holder (4 months ago). My wife is currently working on her PhD. I wanted to apply for her status change to get GC.

I was hoping someone would help me with the following questions.

(1) Should we apply for her name change before applying for the GC? If not, should we change her maiden name at all?

(2) Does my applying for her GC affect her I-20 or studies in any way?

(3) Her I-20 will expire in two year or so; does marrying to a GC holder create issues for her in renewing her student visa?

(4) My wife travels to India quite a bit. Will applying for her GC hamper her travel?

(5) How long is the process and how soon should we apply?

(6) Will she have to go to India for her status change \ GC or will her process be in US?

I would really appreciate any input on these questions.


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