Hi I need an Advice urgent!! please Belle, JoeF,pontevechio


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I sent my I485 petition on dec 22nd.

On April 29, I got a RFE from my I485 saying:

Submit Form G325A (biographic Information)


Applicants that wish to apply under immigration and nationality act (INA) Section 245 (I) are required to submit form I485 supplement A and submit a fee of $1000 as of the date of receipt of the application in accordance to INA 245(I)©.

You have submitted evidence of filling the required form I485 Supplement A but there is no evidence that the required fee was submitted at the time of filling. Please submit evidence that the required fee was submitted.

Ok I understand they have my I485 supplement A, but don't have the $1000 penalty fee right?

ok I got a Denied letter today saying:

The decision was denied because no evidence can be found that you property filed the requirement supplement A to form I 485, adjustment of status under section 245 (I). on April 29, 2011 a request for evidence was sent to you asking that you submit additional evidence that the requirement supplement A was property filed.

A response was received on may 12, 2011 that did not contain any evidence concerning the supplement A therefore, you are ineligible to adjust your status under section 245(I) of the immigration and nationality act.

They didn't ask to send the form I485 suppl A, What should I do? for my understand on RFE letter they have evidence of I485 suppl A was received, that was obvious when they say, YOU HAVE SUBMITTED EVIDENCE OF FILLING THE REQUIRED FORM I485 A, but there is no evidence of required fee.

Together with Denial letter they already sent the form I290B,

looks like they know already, ***** we are going to make more money $630 x 2.

Should open Motion to reopen a decision, motion to reconsider a decision, both or call the officer and let him know it was mistake

Any help will totally appreciate.

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