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Hello All,

On Thursday, 22 Sep 2011, I appeared for B1/B2 visa interview. The VO said my visa is issuable and asked me to go to counter 31. There she asked for my resume which I wasn't carrying at that time. Then shw gave me my case number asked to e-mail my resume. I am supposed to travel on 9th Nov 2011.

Most of the experiences I saw so far on this thread concern with H1B kind of visa. I am wondering whether any one has gone through this process but for H1B?

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After my interview with Chennai consulate on 21 September 2011 for B1/B2 visa my case was put under administrative processing. On 14 Oct 2011 I received a mail from Chennai consulate saying that administrative processing is completed and I should send my passport. On the same day I checked online for my case status and I found the status changed to "SEND PPT" from "PENDING PROCESS". On 17 Oct 2011 I submitted my passport along with the pink slip 221g at VFS center in Chennai. When enquired the person at VFS told me that it would take 2 to 3 working days to get my passport. Now today when I checked online for my case status it again says "PENDING PROCESS". What does it mean? So far I was under the impression that "SEND PPT" means visa will be given. Can any one through light on my case?

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