H1B visa experience-stamping in Toronto, Canada


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Hi All, just wanted to share my experience of this whole H1B visa stamping saga. This was my first H1B visa stamping and after weighing my pros and cons of going to India vs. Canada, I chose the latter. A few words about my background: I have both my MS and PhD degrees from USA and have been working since May 2010 for a very well known biotech company. Anyway, my interview was on 25th July at the US consulate, Toronto. The VO asked me about my occupation and entered keywords from my response in the system. She asked me how long I have had been working and where did I obtain my PhD from. She clearly told me that I would be subjected to a mandatory administrative review that would take 2-3 weeks. She also asked me for my CV and employment authorization letter along wth I-797. Also, I had to resubmit my passport on the 26th after getting it relaminated from the Indian consulate since it was peeling off from the side. Anyway, my passport was returned to me unstamped after 2 days via DHL with a white suspension letter (notice of 221g) and the original green slip which was given to me since I had to resubmit my passport. I received my clearance on 10th August and resubmitted my passport with the clearance notice, green slip and original suspension letter the following day. I received my H1B visa today (August 15) and am returning to USA tomorrow. Hope this helps anyone in any way. Thanks!

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