is traffic misdemeanours goong to effect my i485


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i got traffic ticket because of speeding and driving with international drivers license so today i went to court and judge gave me misdemeanors and i paid my speeding ticket.

is misdemeanors going to effect my i485 which i filed week ago?

or is there no problem ?

please help and explain


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  • 5 months later...

a) If you paid your speeding ticket after a hearing from a judge and asked for a "no contest" - most likely the judge has done an "adjudication withheld" which is NOT a guilty verdict.

b) the statement in I485 specifically asks if you are guilty of offenses other than traffic violations

So in all likelyhood - not much of an impact on your GC, but be very careful - repeat offenders do not get an "adjudication withheld".

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