I-94 expiring


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Here is my case. My first H1-B was valid from 10/1/2008 to 9/12/2011. I was going to India in June 2011 so I applied for my H1-B extension and I got the extension approval from 9/13/2011 to 9/12/2014.

Now while leaving US in June 2011, I gave both the I-94 cards attached to my I 797s, the one valid from 10/1/2008 to 9/12/2011 as well as the one from 9/13/2011 to 9/12/2014.

When I went to India, I got my H1-B stamped but it is valid only till September 12, 2011. On my return to the US, the custom officer stamped my I-94 until September 12, 2011.

Now here's my problem, after Sept 12 2011, I will not have a valid I 94 since I returned my I-94 which was valid from 9/13/2011 to 9/12/2014 when I was leaving the US in June 2011.

Is there any way I can ask the department of Homeland security to return my I 94 card valid from 9/13/2011 to 9/12/2014 or do I have to go back to my home country to apply for a H1-B visa re stamping again?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Please consult directly with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss your case. CBP may only correct I94 error if within their discretion it is warranted.

Consulting with a qualified immigration attorney will allow you to speak regarding the details of your case adn determine a customized course of action.

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