Interfiling - no response from NSC yet


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I am on EB3I and both myself and my husband have filed I-485s during the July 2007 timeframe.

Now, my husband also had a approved I-140 (EB2I) from Company A for which the PD dates are current. BAsed on this, we had filed a Interfile request with the USCIS (NSC) to linked the filed I-485s to my husband's I-140. It has been 2 months since we did this and no updates on our case statuses yet. I called the National Service Center and they gave a generic reply that the case is being processed. Our attorneys mention that they cannot query the case for 60 days since the time I called the NAtional Service Center. Is there a way to escalate - or talk to someone who can give the status of our interfile case.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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