Pls advice- should I change to F-1 when expecting GC soon.

GC- waiting

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I am currently on H-4 and applying for F-1 as Fall will be my last semester at school and to get CPT/OPT I have to be on F-1 status which takes about 3-4 months for AOS. Also, my husband has the PD of Feb 2007, with the kind of movement in dates for Green Card do you guys think I might get the Green Card before getting the F-1 and will it complicate my application for Green Card if I have AOS pending?

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I think if you change back to F1 status you need to wait for 180 days after you are in f1 status before you are allowed to change to immigrant status. I think there is a rule something like that. you might want to first check on that.

Not sure if you are in EB2 India . But assuming Eb2 India. There is agood chance that it might reach your husband's priority date. You can file and get ead right away..

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