Urgent: H1B transfer approved and cant work with current employer

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I am working for company A. Company B filled my H1b transfer. Meanwhile I resigned from company A with 2 months notice. I completed 1 week notice and got approval for H1B transfer to company B from USCIS.

Now, my current employer Company A is saying that, if company B had filled a new H1B visa for me than I can work for company A to serve my notice period but if company B did a Visa transfer, and it was approved, than H1B visa for company A is invalid and I can't serve my notice period with company A.

Is this true? Is there a law like that?

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Hi Raghu123,

As per United States of America Labor laws notice period should not exeed 2 weeks (10 working days for only transition)

You can approach any immegration lawyer and show the proff of request from your Employer A and sue them for not less than $20k.

You have excellent opportunity. and teach a lession to so called indian consultencies.

All the best :-)

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