L1B to H1B Change of Status


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I came on US on L1B from Comapany A and comapany B applied H1B in month of Apr'2011 it get approved with I-94.

Now for some reason I need to go India on Sept'15'2011 and then come back in Nov'2011.

Q1) As H1B petetion,I-797 is approved with I-94. I am assuming that H1-B is applied with Change of Status.

Correct me If I am worng ?

Q2) Before leaving the US Do I need to inform Immigration/ Any official as COS is applied with H1B ?

Q3) Can I get H1B stamped while I am in India (Sept'11 to Nov'11) ?

3(a) Is there any chances of rejection as I haven't join company B ?

Q4) I have read that I can't work on L1B after COS approval date for my case it is (Oct'1st'2011),If any chance I need to

come back on L1B only..

4(a) Do I need to apply for Change of status back to L1B,If yes how I can do this ?

4(b) Again I need to apply for COS from L1B to H1B to join the company B ?



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