*****E3 Extension JULY Receipt Date for VSC Trackit Here****


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Receipt notice: 07/29/2011

Status: Initial Review

There is no premium processing for E3 visa:(

Has anyone on this forum got extension approval for E3 visa with July receipt notice date?

I got approval within 3 weeks 3 times before this time. What is happening with VSC as it seems that H1 at VSC also has long wait?

Please post with receipt date (even if not in July) if there are anyone waiting for E3 extension approval or have already got it.

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VSC is taking really long time to process extensions for H1B. Does the same apply to E3 visa extensions too?

Since PP is not available for E3 extensions is there anything E3 applicants can do to speed up the process? My visa ends in another month and half and so does my spouses' EAD. EAD takes 90 days and dependent on approval of extensions so very worried now.

Can we do anything at all to speed up the process? At least H1B have option to upgrade to PP but not for E3. Does anyone know if anything can be done to speed up the process? Please help anyone.

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Taking too long at VSC. The only other option is to go to Canada if you can get a appointment at the consulate.

I think many attorneys do not have experience with E3 so you wont get much help anywhere since many attorneys themselves know little about the E3 visa.

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E3 is not eligible for premium processing until it is published in the federal register. Am not sure who publishes it and how or when it will be published.

But the press release by USCIS in 2005 when E3 was implemented states that it will be eligible for premium processing once it is published in federal register.

Government agencies are very slow in US like most other countries. So nothing we can do about it unless maybe if you have a lot of money and try to lobby for some cause that you want to like this one!

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