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PIMS Verification at Nogales US consulate.

My email to nogalesvisas@state.gov :

I sent an email to nogales us consualte for PIMS verification with my details as

First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:

Phone number:

Passport Number:

Date of Birth:

I797 Petition Number:

Appointment Date:

MRV Fee Receipt Number:

Consulate was responded as :

For all appointment requests made, the U.S Consulate in Nogales no longer conducts PIMS verifications. The PIMS verification will be done automatically when the appointments are schedule and for petitions that are not in PIMS, a request will be sent out for it to be added to PIMS.

It takes at least three business days after the appointment request has been made for a petition to appear in PIMS so please plan your appointment accordingly because No PIMS confirmation information will be sent out by the Consulate or the Appointment center.

US Consulate Nogales

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Dear Friends,

Visa interview date: 11/30/2010

Approval/stamping: 08/15/2011

It has been 8.5 months long waiting and finally I got that email which everybody love to see that "your visas has been approved and please bring your national paspport for stamping". I applied for visa in Tijuana, Mexico.

Have patience and involve your company and attorney, I know it is tough esp. when no updates were given. It is frustrating, but have faith and be positive.

All the best to all of you!


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My H1B visa is approved and got the passport next day of the consulate interview (Sept 7th) in Nogales. The interview experience is very smooth and went well. I received my passport on Sept8th.

This is my whole trip experience to have an idea over there for all the form visitors.

I am working with Indian Company here in Client Vendor and Employer model. This is my second extension. I had the following documents for interview.

1. Passport

2. DS158, DS157

3. I-797 ( good to have all previous i-797 forms)

4. I-129 with complete set of H1b Application sent to usics

5. Employer letter(good to have Purchase order with SOW)

6. Client letter

7. Pay Stubs

8. W2 forms

9. Tax Returns

10. Education Certificates

11. Experience Letters

I drive to Nogales, AZ on Monday(Sept 5th)and parked my car at Best western hotel. I found Manu in Best western hotel when I went there for last h1b stamping (2007). He is very helpful and he gave the person who was in Nogales for stamping july2011. I spoke to him and found some details to prepare for interview and documents.

After I park the car here in US, I crossed the border around 5 PM. If you have big bag, you have to go through the different gate there. U can ask cops in the border about Mexico permit and visa and all. I walked to the Hotel Fray Marcos De Niza (3-4 mins walk from the border, $69 per night). U need some basic Spanish to manage well over there. In the hotel one or two guys speak English.

Day1 (Sept 6): ASC Appointment.

I started from hotel around 8 am and reached ASC center in 10 mins. The cab is $7 , hotel guy can call the cab and all. In ASC Appointment, CSC people will check the DS-160 confirmation, Passport and allow you for Biometrics (all 10 fingers) and photos. This process is very straight forward. they don’t allow cell phones. Came back to hotel and relaxed.

Day2(Sept 7): Consulate Interview

On Wednesday morning, we had our consulate appointment at 11. 10 minutes cab drive from the hotel($7). I reached early there and they allow 15 mins before, I went around to mall and come back to consulate around 10:45. CSC lady checked my name in her list and let me in. She also collected my I-797 and said she will give it inside. Passed through the security and the same lady was there inside. She gave the passport, DS-160 confirmation and petition together. Also, gave us a number.

Initially, I went to biometrics verification there in consulate. This is just for verification and she asked some questions. Then I went to another side of the consulate for interview and waiting for the number to display on the screen.

After 45 minutes (12:20), my token number is displayed on the screen and I went to see the interview window. The officer is an old women and the interview is like this:

VO: Hi How are you doing

MySelf: I am doing good. How are you doing officer?

VO: Asked me to give the passport, petition and DS-160 confirmation.

MySelf: She take those doc and keeping checking in her computer.

VO: H1b Renwal ?

Myself: Yes

VO: Is this the same company you work for ?

Myself: Yes

VO: how long you are with this company ?

Myself: I said 5 year 11 months

VO: tell me about ur company?

Myself: I give details of company

VO: what is ur title in the company?

Myself: I gave the title and details of my role.

VO: She verified something in her computer and stopped in between my answer and ask me how many clients my employer has?

Myself: I said about clients we have..

VO: are you working on multiple clients or?

Myself: I said I a m working on only client as of now.

VO: do you have any letter from client or any document that shows the relationship?

Myself: gave the PO and SOW which we have with client and vendor.

VO: she verified the doc and gave it back, ask the client website.

This is the only document she asked from me.

Myself: I said client website. She started browsing the site

VO: What is your client and business of client?

Myself: I explained the line of business and products of the client.

VO: Do you do any product development for the client?

Myself: I will do web development in client IT Department.

VO: okay, I will let you go after this one, Where is your wife. Oh she lives in states. Why she did not come here?

Myself: She is on H1b.

VO: okay, your Visa is approved and gave the blue slip. Your passport will be send to DHL in 1-3 business days to DHL you have selected. The process is already in place. Please check the DHL.

Myself: I asked that can I come to consulate and check my passport today.

VO: Said again the DHL process and passport will come in 1-3 business days. If you want to check here you can check

Myself: Thank you very much and have nice day.

So, the visa is approved. she gave a blue slip saying the visa is approved. I am glad. but I was bit worried about the DHL process, 1-3 business days etc. lot of thoughts running on my mind.

Left to hotel and had lunch in LA ROCA (traditional Mexican restaurant) . Went back to consulate at around 4, waited until 4:30. My passport is not there, so went back to hotel.

Next day (September 8th), Checked out of the hotel by 2:30 and kept my bag in the hotel reception. Went to the consulate by 3:30. Waited till 4:35 and opened the counter. I am the first person to there. The person in the counter called me and give my passport. That’s it . I checked my passport and got the visa for approval period 3 years. So happy and started back immediately.

Got back to the hotel and went to the border with bag. The hotel is walk able so I just walked back to border. It was around 5:00 then. There are no people there and officer takes to me other room there and waited for 45 mins to get the 1-94. Paied 6 dollars for i-94. Reached to nogales,AZ hotel by 6 pm.

Overall, It was good experience and everything went well as I planned Thank God. My suggestion if you are going to Nogales, You have to stay3 or more days.

Please write me if you have any questions. my email is sppusala attherate *****. Thank for the people who posted their experience here.



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We had interview last week and got the visa . Please be prepared for PIMS verification , it may take 24 to 48 hours . In case if you are going for status change (F1-H1 or H4-H1 etc.._ , Please do not go to Nogales .

Please make sure that you have client letter, vendor letter . They are verifying W2 and tax returns . Please carry all your I 797s.

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On 8/22/2011 at 10:20 AM, sp06 said:

my stamping dates are sept 6 and sept 7. Please send me ur details. when is your stamping date?

Hi Friend, this is Mani. I'm planning to attend the h1b visa interview in Nogales around 3rd week of December. I need some help to find the option to pay fee due to recent change of credit card payment removal. Also what type questions they asked . 

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