GC delay due to biometrics upload in the system


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My employment based I485 got approved in Jul 2011, but did not get the card, so I raised an SR and got the below letter from USCIS

The status of this service request is "Your application/petition was approved, and the Texas Service Center is currently waiting for your biometrics to up load in the system. When the biometrics up load in the system the card will produce an permanent resident card."

I have already done by biometrics in 2009, so not sure what this mean, do I need to go for another biometric or they are trying find my earlier one. Is there anything I could do to expedite this.

If someone who was in same situation can help me or Belle / attorney or other expert any advice will be appreciated


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My 485 was approved July 12. Meantime my EAD expired Sep 30 and I had applied for renewal of EAD and even after 90 days I have not received the renewed EAD. Website says 'Initial Review'. I callled USCIS and requested the IO to give me the EAD atleast. She said she will email me in 2 days as to what action she has taken to expedite my GC / EAD. I haven't heard from her. My employer is demanding the EAD / GC. I am at a loss as to what to do further. Please help me with your suggestions. Thanks.

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My wife's 1-485 was approved on Aug. 5, 2010 (not 2011). She has not yet received her GC. We went to the local USCIS office a number of times. Every time we go they say her biometrics are available in their system and they raise a SR. They are confused whey the TSC does not have them. She again received a letter from USCIS office that she will be scheduled for FP within 60 days. 45 days have passed and no sign of FP letter. Her FP was done 3 times. Additional info: When we returned from a trip to India in August (she did have the I-151 stamp on her pp), the immigration personal mentioned to me that many transferred cases to TSC have similar problems. Infact my GC that I received came only after 8 months of I-485 approval. Maybe I have to write to the US senator!

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Go to local USCIS office after taking a infopass on the USCIS website ASAP and get your PP stamped for temporary permanent residence stamp (I-151 stamp preferably for 1 year validation) and show to your employer. They can call the USCIS office for verification.

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I went for Inforpass and requested for I-151 Stamp and the IO gave me the stamp for just 30 days. In case I don't get the GC in 30 days, I have to go back for another Infopass. My 485 approval came 4 months ago. Unfortunately, the employer is very frustrated with the immigration process, that is not good for my job. Friends, please advise what are the other options available for me. Thanks.

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Hi GCWait 101,

I went for finger printing 3 weeks ago. I took infopass appointments repeatedly and requested for GC till they issued notice for biometrics. Take Infopass in the local office and ask for GC and they will issue biometrics notice. You should be able to get the GC quickly. All the best.

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