Any recent FOIA success? Lets discuss the current processing time- Plz post!


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Hi Everyone,

I filed a FOIA requesting a copy of my I140 approval document only on July 9th. So naturally I was placed in Track one. I received a receipt notice on July 19th and when I then checked the USCIS website, my application was 7,800 out of 8,200. I checked today ie, Aug 10th and now it shows 6,900 of 8,200. Did any of you who applied recently had any success? If so, could you please let me know how long it took for USCIS to process you request?

Any info is much appreciated.



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Bottom right hand side you will see a link to FOIA.

Download form G-639

Fill all sections except section 3. Get Notary signature for section 8. Select In-Person with ID as option for section 6.

-- Remember to fill in your parent's name and Port of entry date in the form even though its not marked as mandatory.

-- List your A# and I-140 number as petition details including their filing date etc.

-- Avoid listing I-94 number and dates on it if its expired. Its not mandatory for this request. Just A# along with your DOB, SSN will suffice.

-- Home address with USCIS must match the address listed here. If not, first get AR-11 processed correctly.

Send the form (priority mail for tracking) and your driving license if you prefer to the address given in the site.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office

P. O. Box 648010

Lee's Summit, MO 64064-8010

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Thanks Suresh. I followed the instruction you provided. When i went to dispatch the packet, UPS said Priority Mail can not be delivered to a Post Box. Even Fexex can not do it. I sent it with regular mail and proof of delivery with status tracking. One thing coming into my mind is, how would i know where in the Q my FOIA application is? Is USCIS going to provide me some sort of tracking info by postal mail? They have not asked about email or anything similar in the form. If any one educate me on how i would know the status and track the application, I will be grateful. Thanks.

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I filed a FOIA with DHS for copies of the two Delegation Memos that are cited in AAO, BIA and court decisions all over the place. I sent that request to DHS in March 2011. DHS passed the buck to USCIS and ICE. USCIS sent a receipt with a # assigned to it back in May (Did it really take over two months to pass between two offices?).

Anyway, USCIS first placed it in track one in the notice but track two online at first, then it switched to track one online. It is now 100 days past the posted processing time. These are items that should have been released and posted years ago as a matter of routine. I will post them when I get them. My request is now at #9 out of 29 in track one.

I have NEVER received anything from ICE even after submitting e-mail requests for updates.

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Thanks to all the guys who came and took their time to reply. Really appreciate it.

@gntstudent: Actually A# is a no which get assigned to you when your I140 application is approved. (I hope you know what an I140 application is). I got mine after my I140 was approved. I have not filed my I485 yet as my PD is not current. My company lawyer pass me the A# after they received the I140 approval notice.

if you move, there is place to update USCIS record. Here is the link https://egov.uscis.g...ction=coa.Terms once you complete the steps here, it will ask if you have any pending request/application with USCIS to which you would want to update the address too. You can add your case here for address update.

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I checked my USCIS FOIA case number online today and finally it says it was processed on 10-05-2011. That was Wednesday and tomorrow is a holiday so Tues will be the earliest I might get something in the mail. Whe I get something I will be posting it on my slideshare page. Again, I requested DHS Delegation memos of interest to me even if nobody else cares.

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I have a quick question on the EB3 to EB2 porting.

I had PD Oct 2007 with employer A on EB3, and now I changed the Employer B and they have filed me under EB2.

Employer A didn't provide me the I-140 approval or receipt copy. I had LIN Number and filed FOIA and got my previous (EB3) I-140 document with approval seal, including Alien number etc..

My Employer's B lawyer is asking to provide either the I-140 Approval copy or Receipt copy from my previous employer and says that he can't port my old priority dates with the FOIA copy I received.

My question is :

1. Do we really need exact approval or receipt copy (from previous employer) to port EB2 dates or the LIN Number or FOIA approval notice sufficient ??

Thanks in advance.. please reply in detail at the earliest


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I have applied FOIA for I-140 approval notice copy. Do you think USCIS will actually give that? If not, will they give petitioner application copy or something, which shows that the application has been approved, along with priority date and my name on it? Or will/can they reject my application and not give anything at all saying its employer's property? Any personal experiences here? Kindly advice.

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I had sent the request in the last week of Aug. I got the reply with tracking number in the last week of Sep. So, it takes some time to get that. The process has slowed down apparantly because of lot of requests. My request has moved up by only 700-800 numbers in the 5 weeks. So, be prepared for an average wait time of 7-8 months before it actually gets processed.


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I have applied for FOIA on the last week of September but have not received any updates from USCIS. I dont know if there is any other way to contact USCIS on FOIA.

Hi Nipukumar,

I have applied on Sep14th to the FOIA email address. Got the receipt on Oct 14th in USPS mail. So you may get it in another week.

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Thanks moonstone. I got mine too couple of days back. It said they put my request on track1.

Can some one tell me what is A# number. I don't have any number releated to I-140. My employer told me that my I-140 is approved but he did not give me any number.Please let me know what to do in FOIA request.

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Can some one tell me what is A# number. I don't have any number releated to I-140. My employer told me that my I-140 is approved but he did not give me any number.Please let me know what to do in FOIA request.

If you dont have A# that is fine. Do you have receipt no ? If dont have that too, provide as much info as you can including your WAC# from H1B. Your parents name, passport no etc. If the information you provided is not enough, USCIS will ask you what they need more from you. Mention that you dont have A# or receipt # of I140.

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