h1b extension peculiar situation...pls help


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Hello Experts

My H1 Visa was expired in February 2009 and got H1B transfer to new employer(EMP A) which is valid from February 2009-January 2012. I've never gone out of US since my visa has expired. In Mar 2010 EMP A was acquired by another employer(EMP B)

I got new petition approved today by EMP B(Aug 23 2011) which has validity from Feb 2012- Jan 2015.

I'm planning to go for stamping in Sep 2011 based on my new petition. My question is if I get stamping succesfully, will that be valid from Sep 2011 or Feb 2012 ?. If its valid from Feb 2012 I will not be able to enter US until Feb 2012.

So is it advisable to go for stamping in Sep 2011 ?

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