22g1 blue slip -chennai


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I finally got visa after 221g blue slip clearance ( Just to mention : Last year i got my L1 denied at petition level so this year applied for H1B)

Interview at Chennai : 16 May 2011

Got blue slip 221g to submit extra document ( contract letter and project detail) without passport.

Submit document: 13th July 2011 ( as my employer took time to send these document to me)

Reply form VFS : 5th Aug - returned all document and asked to submit passport along with Petition and LCA documents again.

Submit passport : 19th August along with DS160 confirmation page, petition and LCA supporting docs

Got Visa : 25th August : got passport back with visa stamped.

Guys, 221g blue slip doesn't indicate that you have less chance. It just take some time and you are fine as long as you submit the proper paperwork.

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Was client/vendor contacted for verification by consulate in u'r case?

I also got 221G Blue slip for the interview on June 21st, submitted the docs on July 21 st with the new amended H1b, but no passport yet...

They say still under Administrative Processing & review by consular officer.... Not sue how much more time its going to take...

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