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I am currently on H1b working as a electrical engineer.My husband is planning to come to US on L1. I am I eligible to work in Engineering industry, if I change my status to L2 VISA? If so, what would be the time lines to apply for change of status and an EAD. Also another question, Is EAD on L2 any different than H1B?

Please help!! Thanks

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I think the change of status from H1 to L2 takes about 3 months.

L2 is different from H1, in that your status will depend on your husband's visa status. If for some reason your husband loses the L1 then you will lose or L2 too.

If you continue with H1, you can change to L2 at any time later when a need arises.

If you continue with your H1 your husband has the option to stay in the US on H4.

I would recommend you not to change to L2 unless there is very specific situation like switching jobs / H1 extension etc.

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