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I am recently laid off from my H1B job. But I have valid H4 visa and valid I-94 (for H4) on my passport. I want to know whether my H4 status will be automatically activated (As I have valid H4 visa in my passport and valid I-94 for the H4 visa) or there is anything I have to do from my side.

An early response is appreciated as I am in a difficult situation.

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Hi Dwarak,

I first entered US on H4 and my H4 is valid till Jan 2012. Then I got my H1B approval while I was here (I-797A). Now I have valid H4 visa and attached valid I-94. But, actually I was on H1B. Now I wanted to know whether my previously valid H4 (Which is still valid) is automatically came in effect or I have to leave US and re-enter.....

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