I -94 Issue


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Hi ,

My Employer applied for H1 and H4 Extensions beyond 6 years and both got approved but have few questions about I-94 attached with approval notices.

My Case.

My last petition got approved in April 10 (with I-94 No 123 )during that time I was out of country for two weeks when I entered US CBP officer gave me another I-94 (567) valid til May 2011 while applying extension my Lawyer used I-94 123 so new petition got approved with I-94 123 while I have I-94 567 in my Passport .I spoke to company attorney about this and they said there should not be any problem.

H4 Case.

My wife traveled out of country during extension of stay was in process and when she returned CBP officer issued him I-94 which is not matching with I-94 Number came in Approval notice though her approval came after her arrival to US.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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