L1B to H1B Approved but can I have H1B transferred immediately


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I am currently on L1B with Employer A and I have got my H1B approved (w.e.f. 1 Oct 2011) last week with Employer B.

This Monday, I have sent my resignation to Employer A but he (Employer A) wants me to stay back. He is willing to file for my H1B transfer (from Employee B to Employee A) and is also offering me a better package.

My question is:

1)Is it ok to transfer my H1B with Employer A prior to 1 Oct 2011 (even before my H1B start date)

2)As I haven’t started working with Employer B yet and hence no payslips; is it ok to file a H1B transfer immediately without even a single payslip from my new employer (Employer B)

3)As I had L1B with Employer A, is it ok to get my H1B transferred back to him

Are there any risks/issues I need to be aware of?

Any response on this would be really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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