EB3 to EB2 Porting - Questions


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Hi Friends,

I am new to this Forum and have couple of questions on porting the GC from EB3 to EB2 category.

My situation:


Company A filed my GC Labor in December 2004 under EB3 Category and it was approved in May 2007.Then they filed 140 in July 2007 along with my 485.140 was approved in 2008 and still active. In 2009,I changed my job to Company B on EAD and they filed AC21.Now Company C is ready to file new labor(as a future employment) under EB2 category and then to port EB3 Priority date. I want to continue my present job with Company B until I receive the GC then I want to join Company C.I have 10 years US work experience and Masters Degree(MCA) from India. I have below questions:

1).Can company C file new EB2 Labor as a future employment ? If so, what kind of RFEs expected.

2).Will there be any issues/risks to my current EB3 485 case.

3).How long should I work for Company C after receiving GC.

Your advice is truly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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