URGENT: Second RFE for I765 OPT application


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I got a second RFE for my OPT application, and it is exactly the same as the first one. The reason for the RFE is that I applied for my OPT over 90 days until the program end-date. The RFE asks me to "indicate whether this is the intended date or do I wish to change my program end-date".

I have already sent them a letter saying that I indicate that the program end date is intentionally over 90 days from the date of applying. I also sent letter from my school confirming the program end date and a letter from my international advisor.

Please advise on what to do. I wonder whether I should just withdraw the application and re-apply or should I wait till my program end-date (09/25) and send them evidence of completing my program requirements. I also have a job offer.



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