H1b Regular California April/May after RFE


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@gaurav you should be fine...I did not provide with client letter as my lawyer told me that i am a direct hire and no vendors involved. we all are on the mercy of lawyers. they can make your life as well as screw you up. so we just provided a letter saying that we are not a consulting company and also said my employer have full controll over me but not the client. But i sent all rest of documents like tax reports, client wage reports, employment agreement, specailty occupation, organisation charts, rights of controll , pay stubbs, company profile and a detailed decryption of all.. I am a full time employee. my project is ongoing project forever. That will never end. so just assuming that will work

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Hello Everyone,

I am in the same boat. My case was filed @ CSC on April 28, 2011. I work full time for my employer. Non-IT. Received RFE on July 5, 2011 replied to RFE on July 28, 2011. I had a big laundry list on my RFE. Asked for documents not at all related to my work. My current status is "Request for Evidence Response Review". Its been over month this status has NOT changed. Its very frustating.

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