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Hi All,

my first H1B extension is filed July 2nd week, as there was no update, was upgraded to premium in Feb 2nd week. 1st week on march i got 1st RFE(is abt employee and employer relation) we answered it and in April 1st week we got 2nd RFE(is abt client letter). we answered that too in April last week.

till now i didn't get any update. 240 days completed by june 6th.

now my questions are

1) can i still work?

2) is there way i can check on my h1 status beside online?

3) even though my case is in premium with VSC is taking months to update my case. is there anything i can do to follow up on my case?

please help.

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i am about to apply my h1b extention. My chart is

endclient - vendor - my employer

This project is owned by vendor. Iam the only one working with vendor from my employer. And I am working from vendor's location

what is the chance to get my approval with this scenario.


how about if i work from my employer's office (i can work remotely), but still work will be assigned from my vendor's manager. What is the chance for this?

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