Two Different PD on Labor and I-140 can anything be done to correct it


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My company filed for my Labor on Sep XXth 2007, which had an RFE which was replied on Dec 19th 2007, following which the Labor was approved and subsequently my I-140, but my I-140 has a PD as Dec XXth 2007.

Based on what I have read on forums, it is my understanding that the PD is the date when the Labor was first filed on, which in my case is Sep XXth 2007. So I called my company HR and asked them about the same, and they agreed that as far as they know the PD should be Sep XXth 2007, so they emailed the lawyer to clarify after some fact finding on there end, which is as follows:



As discussed over the phone, our records show, two case numbers and two different priority dates for Mr. XXX YYY.

Can you please clarify the case processing for him.

Details are:-

Case number - C-xxxxx-xxxx4

Date of Acceptance for Processing – September XX, 2007

Case Number – C-xxxxx-xxxx6

Date of Acceptance for Processing – December XX, 2007


My question is can something be done to get this fixed. As in todays world 3 months of difference in PD can result in years of waiting, so I need it fixed. What are my options.

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Thanks Belle,

But my question is, what should be my correct PD based on the Labor filling Date or the reply to the RFE.

My labor was filled on Sep XXth 2007 so shouldn't that be my PD.

So my question was in that case can I do something to get my PD fixed, or do you think my PD is correct as is based on the reply to the RFE date?

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