221g valid only for 1 year. If one year completes what next?


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I have attended interview on Sep 9th 2010 and 221g yellow form was issued. I have contacted consulate, VFS, DOS many times. Everytime i got the response as it is in admin process.

Today i come to know that 221g is valid for 1 year only. If 1 year completes,

1)Is my petition still valid?

2)If yes, can i contact consulate for status with the same case number?

3)If not,what i have to do now?

Murthy law firm & experts could you please suggest me.


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If my 221G processing is not completed between 2 weeks to 6 months then high chances are it will never get complete.

If 221G expires and the result comes after that then you may have to schedule another Interview by paying the full feels.


There are chances what they will do is Issue you a new 221G after the Interview.

All the best!!!

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