EB2 labor cleared for BCom + CA


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I am B Com (Pune University) plus CA (chartedered accountant, India) and CIMA (management accountant, UK). Obviously, I have 3 years education and ACA and ACMA qualifications do make me equivalent to US Bachelor, it is "not from the same source". I have 15 years of IT experience.

My lawyers filed my GC under EB2, I 140 was approved in Nov 2007. Now if I try to do future GC in EB2, from new company, the lawyers tell me that I cannot file in EB2 as it was approved "under mistake"...since my bachelors is not from the same source of education.

Question - Is the new lawyer correct?

What happens if my PD is current? Will USICS refuse if they notice my education and question why EB2 was approved earlier? In short, I got lucky so far, but will I continue to be? what is the chance?

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Get an alternative opinion. One thing I would recommend is if you decide to file EB2, try to use the same pattern of education and experience as your approved I-140, and don't try to retain the PD right off the bet. You don't want to advertise the fact you already have an approved EB2 I-140... just yet.

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