spouse green card vs. work visa - fastest option

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I got married in Aug 2007 and got my green card in Dec 2007 (and my 485 was also approved only post marriage). My spouse is in India and was not keen on moving then to US so I did not file a petition for her but was shuttling back and forth. Now she is considering moving to the US for 2-3 years and wants to know what is the quickest and best way for her to come here and work. She has a tourist visa and has been visiting US. I heard that I can initiate consular processing for her GC which may take 9 months. Is that the best (fastest) way for her to relocate here on a job? Or should she try for some work visa like a H1? She is an MBA with work ex in a non-techie roles (software services sales and HR).

Your response is appreciated.

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