Visa stamping at Tijuana on Aug 30th 31th


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I will be traveling to 31st i have an appointment on 1st. I am planning to stay in Hotel Real Del Rio, which is pretty reasonable. in fact i also read from the blogs that there is Marriott which is about 8-10min away from new counsulate.

we can actually meet if you want. it will be helpful if you could please share your experience as you have an appointment a day before.



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Hi All,

Please let us know your experiences and heads-up things we ought to know before we go for interview.

I'm H1B on EVC model( change in client in same city since extn. approval) going for interview on sep 7th & 8th to Tijuana, my visa expired already.

You inputs would help us a lot.

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Here is my Visa Experience - I work in a employer - client model

My Visa Appointment was on Aug 30/31,

Aug 30 - ASC Appointment time 2:30pm - took about 30 mins from going in to coming out. They only check for DS 160 Confirmation, MRV Fee receipt/Appointment Confirmation and passport. Finger prints and photograph are taken.

Aug 31st - Appointment was at 10:00Am, I believe all H1-B appointment slot is 10:00Am, we went around 9:00Am, The total process took about 3 hrs,

I went to a counter where DS-160/Appointment Confirmation/I-797/Passport was verified and a token number was assigned.

Then I was asked to wait for about 20 mins before entering the counsulate office. There are about 30 counters, the 20-30 or so are for documents verification, 2 counters for finger print verification . 1-18 are for VO interviews. My number was displayed at a counter, which was for documents verification, I beleive they go over the DS 160 and verify information, Basic question - Name, spell your husband last name, DOB, palce of Birth, job title. A number was wrriten on the DS-160 confirmation page. I am assuming it is the PIMS verification number (I could be wrong) , then I was asked to stand at the finger print verification line. Once done, we have to wait for our token number to display on the VO interview counters, took about 45min-1hr before my number was displayed.

VO : Good Morning

Me: Good Morning, How are you?

Handed over my DS 160 confirmation/I-797/passport

VO: Which Company do you work for?

Me: My employer Information

VO: What are your job responsibilities.

Me: explained in detail about my work ( This VO was more interested in the work details, got to know from other members that he mentioned he worked in IT before he became a VO, so he seemed to be interested to know about the work - not to worry)

VO: Is this same company you got your old visa?


VO: How long have you been working with them

Me: 4 yrs

VO: Can I see your degree certificate, paystubs and Tax returns.

ME: while i was pulling the documents, the VO asked me about my MS degree, which university and what degree, and in what did I do my project work.

VO: went over the documents, looked up some information on his computer, a long pause, lots of looking/typing in the computer.

VO: So I see you work for a Client

ME: Yes

VO: So you have documents?

ME: Yes. Client Letter

VO: Asked about the Client, job details, How long I have been working there?

ME: 2 yrs..

VO: thats a long project, what do you do?

ME: explained in detail.

VO: Long Pause....lots of typing and looking.

VO: Where are you from?

ME: Answered

VO: Are your married?

ME: Yes

VO: What does your husband work as?

ME: answered

VO: 2 IT jobs in the family, how does that go..and smiled

VO: So you have a child?

ME: Yes - I told how old she was and stuff. (I did mention in DS 160 about my baby in the family section, I believe VO got that information from there)

VO: Did you apply for a passport for your baby?

ME: Yes (I was kind of suprised, with this Q)

VO: can I see that passport ?

ME: I gave my daugthers birth certificate, I did not have a passport copy of my baby, but I had a birth certificate copy, I was not prepared for this Q, but just put in some documents in the last min.

ME: I do not have her passport copy, did not think that would be asked/needed

VO: smiled and said, sometimes we like to ask for docuements that you don't expect, smiled again.

ME: hmmmm

VO: glanced my baby's birth certificate for a while and looked in the computer, looked at my documents again.

VO: Did you take a maternity leave, and when was it?

ME: explained ( was kind of suprised with these Qs)

VO:What is your salary?

ME: Explained.

VO: opened my passport and cancelled my old Visa, It was expired couple months ago.

VO: Can you give me a min, I will be back....

ME: Sure ( This was the worst moment, I first thought the VO went to make calls to the client, but the letter was at the counter, I tried to saty cool, but was nervous, it felt like 5-7 mins before the VO was back)

ME: was there anything wrong?

VO: No I am new here, so I needed some clarification.( Later I got to know he went to talk to a VO on the other window)

ME: I was a little concerened

VO: looks at the douments again

VO: so how long more will your project be at the client.

ME: explained long term

VO: Is it,

ME: explained the work more in detail

VO: So how many more ppl from your company work at this client

ME: Only me

VO: so are the other members in your team all employees,

ME: mostly, I have couple other contractors (I paused, I was a little nervous with these questions)

VO: typed a lot on his computer, not sure what, a long pause.

VO: YOUR VISA HAS BEEN can come tomm at 2:30pm to pick up your passport

ME: a big relief on my face....i was very happy to hear those words.

They are definitly looking at all the documents in detail and verifying most of the information.

Went the next day to pick up the passport.

I am not putting information on the border entry and exit, 1-94 card information, since there is other posts on this forum that has such info in detail.

feel free to ask me if you have any more questions.

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Hi to All who are in this Topic,

All members inputs are so valuable here,

Since, i'm looking to have appointment sometime last week of September or first week of October in Tijuana,Baja California.

Could you pls share below items info:

1. Looking for Economic Hotel Accomodation close to Consulate. travelling with family

2. Is PIMS Verification required. If so,can someone to which Email should we send the I797copy + Appointment Confirmation document

3. Is it too late get an appointment now to Tijuana. How often should i check online to make an appointment on 2 consecutive days(if possible). I c lot of you guys have booked like that. when i check online i'm not getting such type of dates for ASC and Consulate interview.Pls any info on this is very helpful and appreciated.

4. Can you share your Visa interview experiences pls...

Pls share any kinda information that you know off.

Thanks in Advance!


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Here is my Visa Experience - I work in a EVC model (employer -vendor- client model)

This was my 3rd Stamping....1st time outside india...

I did get Mexican visa before going, just wanted to be on a safer side.

Booked my hotel (Marriott).

Make sure carry enough cash .i.e $300.

OK here we go...

My ASC and Visa Appointment's were on Aug 31st and 1st,

I went to San Diego in Amtrak (Santa Fe Depot station). Took a trolley Blue line from there right across Amtrak tracks from the same station to San Ysidro (Last stop and that's the station at border, it took 45 minutes to get there), fare was $2:50.

Got down at the station walked across the bridge and crossed into Tijuana, MX. The customs guy did check my bag for 1 quick minute and he let me go.

crossed the gate got into the CAB, asked him to get me to ASC. i showed the printed address. also make sure ask the fare before getting in to the cab, typically they charge between $7 - $10.

Arrived at the ASC directly with all my bags etc, at 2:30, that is 1 hour prior to the appointment. it was a long wait but was done by 3:40 PM. all they checked was appointment letter, fee receipt, I-797, passport. Took a photo, fingerprints and then he pasted a sticker on the appointment letter, with appointment time on it. i guess that's kind of confirmation that you have been to ASC.

From there took a cab to Marriott. I paid $5 to get there.

Fortunately i had was in touch with other folks from this forum, who attended for they Interview on Aug 31st even they were staying at Marriott. I checked in and we all of met and kind of had long conservation etc. It was really great that i met all these guys, they were just great. I thank all as they shared there experience, which gave me great courage.

Anyways.... the day has finally come that i have to face.

Got ready had breakfast at Marriott, took a cab at around 8:50 got there in 10-12 minutes, by the i paid $13 for cab. my appointment was at 10:00. they did allow me to get in. Also guys do not carry anything except your documents, cos i you happen to carry anything it will delay you in getting inside.

Showed the appointment letter to the guy at the window outside, he verified the appointment, allotted a token #.

finally got in after security check...

they kept all of us seated outside under the shade for a little while then allowed people inside in batches.

I guess Ramya has already explained how the counters were spread across for verification of docs etc.

Again had to wait long before i was called to the window for checking all the docs etc, they asked my Passport, I797 and only one question whether i was there for H1 renewal (H1B extension).

Then waited in finger printing line took only 5 mins. its more of finger prints verification.

I could see that we were only 5 H1B guys in total.

I was 4th, the 1st guy was called to a window and the another window opened up and the next guy was called up to that window. i guess the other window which opened up was going pretty fast, in fact i was suddenly called, where in the 1st guy was still being interviewed.

VO was a lady, greeted with a smile.

Me: Hi

VO: Hello

VO: Asked my application i.e. DS160, I797 and Passport.

Me: Gave all the docs, she scanned the barcode.

VO: so are you here for H1 Renewal.

Me: Yes

VO: Are you with the same employer

Me: Yes.

VO: What's the name of the Company.


VO: she looked at my old stamp and asked if i changed my employer.

Me: yes

VO: why did you change the employer.

Me: better oppt, etc.

VO: how many emlpoyees does your company have.

Me: XX

VO: Wht does your company do..

Me: so and so etc.

VO: So which client you work for and where?


VO: How do you get to work..


VO: Do you have master's or bachelors?

Me: Masters.

Vo: where did you do that from?


Vo: got into some conservation...

Me: me too replyed and kept it going..

offcrs she was typing all the time and check the screen and looking at my passport....

VO: finally she said your visa has been approved, please come back tomorrow at 2:30 and collect your passport, she gave me a small slip...

Me: Thanked her..

Got out of consulate, went straight to hotel, met all the guys again at hotel shared experience and we all had lunch and all of the guys went to collect the passports.

Next day had lunch and went to collect the passport at 1:30 PM, which of no use getting there early, so try to be there around 2:30 as they will start distributing the passports only at 2:30.

we were 2 from the hotel, we both got together

and got the cab from hotel and asked the guy to wait at consulate while we collected passports, i guess they usually do. he had no issues we said we will pay $25.

Collected passport checked all the info and i-797. Got into same cab and headed to border.

We were surprised by looking at very long line, but anyways we figured out that we had to skip the line and get to the gate, as that line was not for I-94. anyways we then waited for good 1hr in the line for I-94, which was the most annoying part.

finally we were called in, we paid $6 got I-94. then we had to get again into a line that was for getting a stamp on re-entry into US.

Oh Lord finally walked out of those doors into US.

Overall my experience and my personal perception:

I guess, i was lucky. i would say its matter of luck and it doesn't matter who and what your are working for. Also please consider carrying every possible relevant piece of paper, just to make sure you are fully prepared. I agree with the previous post that they are checking all the documents thoroughly...

let me know if you have any questions.

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