how risky is it to work for another employer just after receiving the LCA receipt.


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I am working for Employer xyz. Now I have an offer with a consultancy firm which has filed for my LCA. I would be getting acknowledgement of this receipt in another 3-4 days.

Kindly let me know when should I start working for my new employer to avoid any risk of VISA denial or rejection?

Does just receiving receipt number is enough or should we wait for visa approval? if we should wait for VISA approval, then how long does it take to get the final approval if my new employer is doing the H1b transfer under premium processing?

Kindly let me know as I am new to US & I am getting my visa transferred for the 1st time. I am really scared about this.

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Though you didn't mention, I am assuming you are on H1 right now and transferring to another employer. You should wait atleast until the USCIS reciept of H1 transfer (not the LCA reciept) for start working for the new employer. USCIS timelines for a premium processing are 15 days. In few cases you may know the decision in couple of days. If you are really scared of your H1 transfer being rejected, why don't you wait until you know the decision?

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