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I'm currently on H4 visa.I'm looking out for jobs in companies that can apply for my H4 to H1 conversion.I've a few questions on this.

1.If the company applies for my H1 visa now(around june/july), is it right that the earliest I can start working with them is in october?

2.How is the premium H1 petition better compared to the normal one in terms of when I can actually start working?

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Generally, H1B petitions filed under the H1B numerical cap must request a start date no earlier than Ocotber 1. Generally, the H1B beneficiary is not permitted to begin working with the H1B sponsoring employer until the H1B petition is approved AND the start date on the H1B approval takes effect. Please schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the specific facts relating to your case and the different options available to you.

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I am a MS Degree holder in the US,currently here on Business visa for a month.I am looking for an employer who can sponsor my H1 in Premium Processing. However, I am not clear if I can start working earlier than Oct 1st in Premium Processing, even if my application gets approved.

Can you please clarify the same? I have limited time, and it would really help if someone could answer!


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