Gap in I94 - H4 Extension - Please help


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Here is my case :

Applied H1 extn on 4/26/2011. My dependent's H4 extn was also applied along with mine.

My H1 expired on 5/25/2011. So, when i got the new H1 extn, it showed the validity from 5/26/2011 to 7/22/2013. ( No issues ).

But, for my dependent as her Passport was expiring on 5/13/2011, she got an I94 valid till 5/13/2011 , when we entered the country in 2009.

Now on her new H4 extension, we observe that her I94 states that valid from 5/26/2011 to 7/22/2013.Though We had filed the application much before her I94 expired (4/26/2011 ).

So,there is a gap of 13 days in my dependent's I94 ( 5/13/2011 to 5/26/2011). Will it be a problem now and also for GC? do we need to get this corrected ? Please suggest.



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