US Green card holder planning to get married and get spouse. Need help?

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I'm US Green card holder and planning to get married next month in India. She is Indian citizen with PhD. How long is the process taking now? what is the procedure? I'm hearing from my friends that the process is not taking too long now a days and it's taking around 5/6 months?

Can any of you send me the information and how long it's taking now a days and what the required steps for filing her case? Pls help.

Thanks in advance.



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It will take several years for the spouse of a GC holder; check the visa bulletin. The spouse for a USC takes under a year. The fact she has a PhD has no impact in the processing time.

If you intend to live together in the US anytime soon, she need to find an employer to sponsor her H1B.

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You heard wrong. Don't listen to rumors.

For spouses of Permanent Residents, there is a quota, which can fluctuate quite a bit, but currently is 4-5 years back.

5/6 months may be true for spouses of US citizens, which are not subject to a quota...

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