Change of employer with a pending PERM and 7th year H1B

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Hi I completed my 6th year H1B in August 2010 and am currently on a 7th year extension based on a pending PERM application with my current employer. I am currently considering taking an offer from a new employer who is willing to process my H1b transfer and my question is: 1) Is it possible to transfer a 7th year extension to a new employer given that PERM will still be pending? 2) If yes, will I need to give them any evidence regarding the pending PERM as I have only the Pending PERM screenshot and the receipt number from DOL. 3) My current H1b expiration date is in August 2012. If the new employer files for an H1b transfer in May 2011, will I get the same H1b expiration date or a new one (i.e. May 2012)?.As I have conflicting views from others and few people told me I should be able to get new H1 for one year from date of filing it and few others told me that I will be able to get new H1 til August 2012(.e till the expiry).

Please help.

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