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my eb2 pd will be current next month(per the June 2011 bulletin). when can I expect USCIS to mail my perm resident card ?

reason for asking, my current h1b expires this Sep. do i need to apply for an extension in June/July or wait for the GC without any worries ?

experts, please advise.


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You are safe if u apply for H1B extn before H1 expires.Because first remember when you PD is current you are eligible to get processed , this does not even gaurantee you will get processed .So please maintain the status which ever you want .I know the pain and the amount involved.But do apply and play the game safe.

Good luck on your GC.Are u in Niagara falls ?me too

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The fact the priority date is current means the I-485 filed earlier COULD be approved. Those that are approved will receive approval notices, followed by the physical, plastic GC.

With the question worded as it is, I am assuming the I-485 has been filed, and the poster has an EAD.

In that case, with the dates give, since the H1 extension legally can be filed up until the expiration date in September, the H1 case could wait at this point. If it is not approved in June, July or mid-August..it might be best to prepare the H1 extension for filing, so that status continues.

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