Urgent!!! Passport not in hand - I-94 to expire


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I sent my Indian passport for renewal to Washington DC Indian Embassy more than 4 weeks back. I haven't got my new passport back. I don't have my passport with me.

My H1B expires at the end of this year, so it should not be a problem.

My I-94 expires on June 3rd. Only today did I know that I have to get a new I-94.

1, Problem 1: I can apply for extension of I-94 to USCIS via mail and I will be in status. But, I don't have new passport, so I doubt they will extend it.

2, Problem 2: I am planning to apply for change of status from H1 to F1 in the 1st week of June. So, if I apply for I-94 extension by USCIS, it will take 2 months. By that time, I cannot apply for change of status.

I need my passports back so I can go to Canada or Mexico and come back with a new I-94.

How to get passports from Washington DC? If I go to their office, will they respond? Can anyone tell me?


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Do you know what happens if I-94 expires before renewed passport is received? I am yet to apply for renewal but I am scared if my I-94 expires before renewal since I am 2 months away from expiry of both. Please guide and let me know what did you do further in your situation?


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