2011 fiscal year Visa spillover math based on demand data


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As per demand data published prior to may 2011 (thats when spill over started this year), there were 32525 EB2 applications pending prior to 1 jan 2008, now as per sep bulletin demand data there are 8000 applications.

which mean 32525 - 8000 = 24525 visas were spilled over.

Last year in 2010 approximately 20000 visas were spilled over.

This year there were approximately 10000 additional visas, so still approximately 5000 visas should be left, looks like starting may 2011 till july 2011 there were new applications ( there might be some people who did not apply in 2007 who are applying now and also there might be some people who got married after applying for i485 in 2007, so they applied for their spouse now)

Looks like lot of new applications came in since may2011 thats why they couldn't move the dates in sep 2011 bulletin.

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