Change of location after H1B application

John Smith

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Hello Experts,

My H1B application was intially made at the Chennai consulate in India, i was given a Blue form to get additional documentation. Since my employer in the US took more then 4weeks to give me the new documentation as requested by the embassy, i went on to work on another project in Singapore, once i received my documentation i returned to India and re-submitted my docs the second time. I was again sent the Blure form, since some of the docs sent by my employer were not sufficient. Now i have travelled again to Brazil now and iam find it really difficult to go back India to resubmit my docs again which is updated by my employer in the US. My question to the experts is, whether it is possible to change my document submission location from India to Brazil or any other country. Iam a freelance consultant becoz of which i travel a lot.

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