L1B to H1B with COS with typical travel situation


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I am with currently company A on L1B and Company B filed my H1B and i got approval for H1B on June 24th 2011 with effective date Oct-1-2011. I traveled to India on same day my H1B got approved which is June-24-2011 and came back to US on July-11-2011 on L1B with different I-94 ( This I-94 is different from H1B approval one). I have tow questions now.

1. Can i continue to work on L1B with company A after Oct-1-2011, Do i need t join the company B on Oct-1-2011?.

2. Since my current I-94 is different from H1B I-94 what kind of necessary steps do i need to take if want to continue on L1B and Join H1B on Oct-1-2011?

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