H4 extension and H1 Petition


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I am currently in US.My visa will expire on 19th sept 2011.I have just submitted my docs to my company for extention .My wife is having H4 and is planning to come after her exam.

Ques 1) Is there any issue for my in coming by augest?Can she come on last day (in worst case).

Ques 2) Do we need to apply for H4 premium if we apply for h4 extension by augest?

Ques 3) I am plnning to apply H1 for my wife.Is there any issue in applying both h4 extension and H1 at the same time?

Ques 4)If she applies her h1, can she stay here till oct 1 , since my visa is going to expire by sept 19 and is not yet extented?

Please advise.

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