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Joining full time with a new Employer. [They are a product company, no consulting ****]

Application Received: Aug 1st 2011.

Service Center: Vermont, Premium Processing

Receipt Notice: Aug 8th, 2011.

H1B Approved: Aug 10th, 2011.

I used Murthy Law Firm for the H1B application and I think they are little slow in preparing and filing application, I am happy with my end result.


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We are glad that you are happy with the result and the approval of your H1B.

H1B cases have become more difficult in the past few years, and particularly post the January 2011 memo. As a result, we have modified our internal procedures multiple times to accomodate the USCIS' expectations. In this process, we now request more extensive documentation from our clients. This makes the process more time consuming. It takes clients more time to provide documents, and we have to review and analyze far more information. LCAs also now take 7 days, rather than the former instant approval process.

While this may be a bit frustrating-- it is human nature to want cases filed immediately, the result is worth the time. A quick denial is not better than a somewhat slower approval. It is far better to take the time to fully prepare the case, review everything several times, and get an approval than slap something together quickly and get RFEs and denials.

Immigration procedures are quite unforgiving, mistakes and omissions can not always be "fixed" later. So, we are very careful with all of our cases.

It seems that this case must have been fully prepared in the initial filing, as there was an approval within under 10 days and no RFE. That is the goal!

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Do you know if E3 visa for Australians has premium processing or if E3 extension can be done with PP?

Are E3 extension applications placed in the same H1 queue or do they process E3 extensions in an E3 queue by VSC?

How much time it took your firm to get E3 extensions in 2011, any idea on how much time it is taking to get adjudication for E3 extension from the date of receipt notice?

Thanks for any replies.

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