Travel to India while H1 transfer is in under premium processing


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Hi guys

Im on H1 extension valid till 2013 and now I have applied for H1 transfer in premium process but right now I am waiting for my LCA approval which hopefully will come by next week.

My query is, Is there any problem getting my H1 transfer approved if I travel to India once my H1 transfer is initiated under premium processing or if I get any RFE on the H1 transfer?

Once its approved I am planning to get the approved docs by courier to India and then will go for stamping in US Embassy as I am on extension. SO pl guide me.

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Hi ,

I am also on the same boat... but mine is L1 to H1 change of status... my situation is my current project is getting close to sign off and my India manager wants me to come back but my H1b is in progress with premium processing and I also got a RFE. Attorney is yet to reply to kind of worst situation for a change of status... any thoughts....

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