221g white in Matamorous .. Mexico..September 8th 2011


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Hi Folks,

1. Attended consulate Visa interview on Sep8th.

Here is how it went:

VO: Good morning

Me: Good morning how are doing

Handed over basic documents (DS 160, 797, passport)

VO: Can I see your W2s.

Me: Do you want the most recent one? (gave him all w2 with my current employer)

VO: There are no discrepancies with any of your w2s except your 2009 w2 which has less amount, so we cannot issue your visa here. you have go to your home country.

I tried to explain him I was out of country for serious health conditions in 2009. I wanted to show him my doctor certificates from both India and US (continued supervision of my foot problem), but he didnt bother to even look at them. He just said, I dont need to see them.

VO: We are advised not to issue Visa with any discrepancies in w2 assuming that your employer could'nt find an employment opportunity for you during that time.

Thats it. I had all my documents along with client letter and everything, but in vain. The interview didnt go that far.

He issued white 221g.

I am planning on taking consultation from Murthy law firm in chennai for my case.

Can anyone suggest me about their service in these matters and payment options.

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Sorry to hear your case...

Can you please answer these questions?

How did you managed to come to US when ur Visa is not issued?

Can you please let us know how much amount was less? I guess VO was looking at your labor amount and W2 amount?

Was he comparing all W2's?

My friend has same condition, he has 1K less in W2

I guess you should consult an attorney because Its within law that H-1 B candidates can be out of job for 60 days of medical emergency in family or self. You need not worry as you can prove with documents.

Hope you win the case...

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If you have all the docs you can get it stamped in chennai.. there wont be any problem.. At matamoros they were very particular about any gap in employment after visa stamping. If you had gone through the previuos discussion in the forum before your interview you might have not been in this situation.. All the best

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221g-white form issued

Well I attended the visa interview @Matamoros,Mexico.The VO asked me following questions?

VO- Is it a EVC client arrangement?

Myself- Yes - (Employer,Vendor,Client)

VO - Y did you come to Matamoros for visa stamping

myself - I said , My client has only allowed me to nearest location or short vacation for visa stamping

VO - when did you you came to states?

myself - I said 6.5 years.

VO - checked my old I-797 petition & asked me u have ur stamping in sept'05 and arrived in states in Feb.2005

myself - I said i was working in IBM dubin ireland and I said we have release in Feb.2005 and client has released me in Feb 2005

VO - show me your XXXX - XXXX w2s

myself - shown him all W2

VO - y ur XXXX w2 shows less income

myself - I said i was sick for 3months due to skin allergies,cold,pneumonia,breathing problem & diabetes---Well this was not a lie but i have this problem

VO - I cannot issue you visa and issued me a 221g white form with a remark in "Other" option

Other - "You need to be reinterview at a post who can better understand your absenced in XXXX - XXXX yrs

VO - He did not have a system or mechanism to better understand your absences.

VO returned my H1b documents along with a 221g white slip

Could somebody shed some light on the complexity of this 221g white

If compared with other person's issue, do I stand a chance in getting my visa stamping in hyderabad.

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I gave my interview on 19th of July 2011 for Visa renewal at Hyderabad consulate.I am working for Direct client in US.

1.VO asked some question about my parent company and client company I work for (like # of Employees).

2.VO asked me to show the client letter which I did

3.Then he asked W7 form - I handed over him W7 form and all my pay slips.He asked me why my tax paid amount is less.I explained him that I got my visa stamped in 2009 but I went to US in 2010 July which explain why my tax deduction was less.

After checking all the documents, he handed me white slip 221g and kept my passort with him and asked me to look for an email from the US consulate.I received email on 20th July asking me send a Questionnaire and my CV which I sent on the same day.

I am still waiting to hear back from US consulate .I tried called DOS and VFS but not much help. They just say that my case is still undergoing administrative processing and timeline varies case to case basis.

I gave first visa stamping interview in Chennai consulate and was given ping slip 221g and again during the visa renewal I am given white slip at Hyderabad consulate.I am sure that I am going through this because of my common muslim name.

Still waiting to hear back from the consulate :(

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Folks,

Sorry for a late update, but I wanted to update all on my case.

After I was asked to go to India for stamping, I scheduled my visa interview in chennai on Sep 23rd (friday). My Interview went like this ..

Below are the questions the VO asked

1) How long have you been working with ur current employer?

2) Where will you be going in US? - told the city of my client place

3) Show my your paystubs? can i see all of them with ur current employer? (actually she saw only 2-3 paystubs)

4) Who is the client you are working for? told my client name

5) Do you have client letter. Can I see that?

6) What are your roles and responsibilites?

7) Do you have any vendor? and what is their name? - I actually have 2 layers, but i told the name of primary vendor as their name was mentioned in the client letter.

8) Who do you report to& how do you report? - told i report to my manager from my employers company and also to my client manager ..

9) How do you report to your employer ? Weekly conference calls and submit biweekly status reports through email.

10) Can i see all the papers sent to USCIS? I gave her LCA & I129 & embassy letter & itenerary of services .. (she took a quick look)

11) what is you salary? - told as per my offer letter

The VO didnt keep any papers. She gave me back all of them. Also she didnt ask me anything about my visa stamping in Mexico. That was pretty strange for me. I dont know if I was lucky there.

I received my passport the following friday Sept 30th. I was actually little worried until i received my passport with stamp in it.

Feeling blessed !!!!! Eagerly wanted to share my experience....

Came back to US yesterday !!!!!

Thanks to all dedicating their time on this forum. It is really helpful and it personally helped me a lot and definitely it will help many more like me in future.


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