work location amendment in H1B I-129 from visa stamping.


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A year back, I got 2 years h1b extension with a project at location A. This project was over, then I moved to another project at location B with a new LCA, for a different client. Now that, I am planing to go to Canada for visa stamping.

Should I apply for the I-129 work location amendment or not? Is it really required? what are the chances without it? Any recent experiences would help.

How long it will take for regular processing?

Please answer me, I appreciate your business.

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My 2 cents: please go for amendment to avoid further issues adn it wont take much time as per my experience.

My attorney filed an amendment last month for me and it was approved with in 15 days.

I took that decision to amend my I-129 based on the previous forum posts. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences.

I have my visa stamping appointment during the 1st week of October at Vancouver consulate.

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My friend who was working for company A in NY location was relocated within the same company to a different location in a different state. At this point even if he was working for a same comapny but your location is changed which means that the new location is NOT commutable distance then a with a new LCA i-129 has to be amended.

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