Urgent: withdrawal of pending h1 under 221g...want to go for dependent visa


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Hi All,

I had got 221g slip while my H1 visa stamping. I have not been able to provide the documents to the embassy.

I wish to withdraw my case now. As per vfs, we need to email the request to withdraw the H1 application. Its been a month now after I had sent an email to vfs, but there has been no response.

Anyone aware of such a situation? Do they really reply and have any of your pending cases been withdrawn?

Also, if I wish to go for a dependent visa now, do I first need to wait for the withdrawal of my pending H1 case?


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Thanks for the reply. I do not think I need to withdraw the petition; but I am concerned about the pending H1 application.

Is it required to withdraw the pending H1 case, with 221g, before I can go for dependent visa stamping ( I have not submitted any documents listed in 221g. )

People with similar experience, your inputs can be of help here.


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My case is same, H1 under 221g admin processing (no documents asked).

I called Hyderabad Consulate (VFS guys) enquiring the same, they advised that we have to withdraw the pending H1, for us to apply H4. Even the immigration lawyer from Murthy advised to withdraw H1, before going for H4.

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My husband is in the same situation. He got a 221(g) yellow form for which he submitted all the required documents and it has been 8 months now and we did not receive any reply. So now we are planning to revoke his existing H1B and apply for H4 visa on my H1B.

I think you can ask your employer to send a letter to USCIS that they want to revoke your H1B. Ask your employer to send it through a certified mail for which you will receive confirmation that the USCIS received your request. While going for H4 interview you can carry this confirmation and also a resignation letter.

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