Attending for H4 visa second time


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I kindly request you to help me out with this question regarding my wife H4 visa.

My wife has attended the visa interview 6 months back and got a 221g query for my employer documents. tax papers etc.

My employer took a while to provide those docs, i did not submit those papers till now, and meanwhile i have transferred my H1 to other company (direct vendor). I have sent an email to the Hyd consulate to withdraw the old case so that i can send my wife for H4 visa now with my new H1 papers. I still didn't get any response from Visa officer regarding the withdraw of old query case even after 4 weeks.

Is it mandatory to wait for the confirmation from the VO regarding the withdraw? or can we go ahead by booking a visa date and attend the interview with my New employer papers.

Thank you for your valuable inputs.

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