H1b Visa granted after 221g processing but H4 visa is still pending


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I have summarized the details of our case-

My husband and I had appeared for visa interview on 23rd March 2011 for H1B and H4 visa respectively in New Delhi.

During our interview we were given a letter under section 221G demanding additional documents( docs related to my husband's work).Embassy did not ask for any documents from me. We submitted the required documents on 27th March 2011 through email.

After submitting the documents my husband's pending visa process was completed on 24th May 2011 and his passport with stamped visa was delivered on 26th May 2011 . Whereas, my passport/visa has not yet been delivered. I thought that it might be delivered in the following week. But 4 weeks have passed since then but still my visa status is pending.

I am on dependent visa (H4 Visa) and I am unable to understand the delay in processing my case. Principal applicant that is my spouse has already been granted the visa and has traveled back to the U.S to resume his work.It's been 95 days since we submitted the docs.

Hence in such circumstances could you please tell me what should I do? How should I contact new delhi embassy?The only way I found to reach them was through VFS helpline.I have written vfs email explaining my situation but I got generic reply saying submit documents. But I have not been asked for any documents??

Please help me.

Any sugestions/ help would be appreciated!


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